The Northern Institute for Canine Professionals was founded in 2017 by a team who share over 30years experience of teaching and working with other canine professionals across the UK. We are based across Yorkshire, England.

NICP courses are: up to date, current, modern, honest, kind, fair, effective, open, relaxed, welcoming, progressive, real-life skills, science-based

The Northern Institute for Canine Professionals is dedicated to providing workshops, seminars, and CPD courses for individuals involved in working with dogs in a professional or voluntary capacity. Our courses are tailored for canine professionals at any stage of their career. Courses are run by qualified speakers in their respective fields, and we focus on safe, welfare-based training.

Our courses are open to any canine professional, for those at the start of their careers to those who have many years experience already under their belt. To help you find the right course, our courses are filtered to cover different aspects of the dog world.

The NICP Team

Guest Lecturers